Look at the World Through The Eyes of Woogie


I’m Mark but my friends call me Woogie.

They say there are two types of people:  Mauka and Makai (Land and Sea).  In my spare time, I find myself in the jungle or mountains of Kauai…or sometimes both.  I grew up in Detroit.  Detroit is the opposite of exploration and adventure….at least in the way I would prefer.  Growing up there resulted in a yearning for what lacked in my surroundings.  As Detroit began to fall apart and jobs became sparse, leaving became easy.  My standards being low, I somehow ended up in the best place first…on Kauai.  Hearing the best of reviews without setting foot here, I arrived in 2007.  Upon meeting the right friends and taking the right jobs and studying the land and old maps, I suddenly knew more than most of my peers.  Photography was just part of the hike.  Next thing I knew I had some rare, unique shots in places people who live here haven’t typically seen.  For me the photo has always been simply sharing an adventure…but then something interesting happened….people started to like my photography.  My hobby was evolving into something more.  Whereas experience and time have made me a better photographer, my photos are still just part of sharing the adventure.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!!


Tropical Regards,

Mark Woogie :-)

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